Valve /Overkill Team-up Not a Left 4 Dead prequel by Overkill

Valve software has decided to quell some rumours regarding their upcoming collaboration with Overkill, the developers of Payday: The Heist. The new game, (if it is a game at all) will not be a prequel Valve’s 2008 hit Left 4 Dead. Instead, it will be a much smaller project that will involve co-op in some form. No matter how small the project is, if Valve’s involved, you can bet it will be a game-breaker of some kind.

Pulse Lets You Play as a Blind Person

Team Pixel Pi, a group formed from the Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program, have come up with Pulse, a game that guides you through a world entirely experienced through sound. You play the part of Eva, a girl who has been struck blind, as she searched for her lost brother in a strange forest. She uses creatures called Mokos that make noise and “light” her way through the game world. Although the game is sight-based, everything you see is defined by the way sound bounces off of it. The game is free and can be downloaded from the Team Pixel Pi website.

Video game lets players immerse themselves in world of the blind – The Globe and Mail.

An Infographic of Steve Ballmer’s Reign

MBA Online has released a rather cutting infographic of Microsoft’s performance since Steve Ballmer took over as CEO. While it is funny to see such an SEC bad boy being brought low within a decade, it won’t be good for anybody if Microsoft drops out of the innovation game entirely. Apple and Google need competitors, otherwise they are going to get too comfortable with their business models and ultimately share Microsoft’s fate.

A Microsoft “MBA” Infographic – Canadian Technology Blog. Vancouver Gadgets. Consumer Electronics, Social Media, Business..

Microsoft MBA: Over 30 Years of Innovation
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