Neal Stephenson builds a Sword Fighting Game

Neal Stephenson, like most of us, has been disappointed with the quality of sword fighting in video games. But unlike most of us, Neal has decided to do something about it. He has started a $500k Kickstarter fund to create CLANG, the most realistic sword fighting game in existence. He plans to not only build the game, but the very tools that would create future games with proper sword combat. I believe you should donate to this fund simply based on the cameo by Gabe Newell.

CLANG by Subutai Corporation — Kickstarter.

Visit Future Vancouver in Continuum Concept Art

io9 has posted this gorgeous concept art of Vancouver in 2077 from the new series Continuum. This “New” Downtown Vancouver is located where Stanley Park is right now. I guess in this future, the condo bubble just kept on going.