The Secret Circle Fans Send 300LBS of coins to ABC Family

In their latest appeal to save The Secret Circle, fans of the show delivered 300 lbs of plastic gold coins to the studios of ABC family. They also dropped off an appeal letter to president of the network, Michael Riley. I’m not sure how much good this is going to do to get the show back, but you have to admire The Secret Circle fans for their gusto.


Valve game Designer Cayle George comes in2nd place in World Pinball Championships

The International Flipper Pinball Association held its 9th annual tournament last weekend on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, WA. Among the contestants was the previous year’s champion, Team Fortress 2 Level designer Cayle George, who came in 2nd behind Daniele Celestino Acciari of Italy. Contestants had a choice of games from all over the pinball lexicon, including Cyclone and Lord of the Rings.

Source: GeekWire.

Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop is Closed For the Season

Friend of the Blog Ivy Fong sent in some super charming photos of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop from Once Upon A Time, which is currently shut down until production begins again in July.