Visit Future Vancouver in Continuum Concept Art

io9 has posted this gorgeous concept art of Vancouver in 2077 from the new series Continuum. This “New” Downtown Vancouver is located where Stanley Park is right now. I guess in this future, the condo bubble just kept on going.


  • Pork

    The tallest one is the FreshSlice International Tower, right?

  • Jeremy

    In the picture it shows CNN. I guess CNN will still be around in 2077. I wonder if there would be local newscasts in 2077 or if Vancouver will have local newscasts or if the news in 2077 will be all national and international news? I wonder how many floors the tallest building in the picture is? I wonder if a 100 plus floor skyscraper will be a standard height of a skyscraper in 2077? I wonder if there will be universal healthcare in 2077?