Cylon Raider Papercraft

Follow the adventures of Paul Mason as he embarks on a 13-hour journey from simple printer paper to cybernetic terror from beyond the stars. This papercraft Cylon Raider was a lot of work, but trust me, the results are bad-ass. You can find the pattern and full footage here.


Primeval Filming at Coal Harbour

YVRshoots has uncovered a new shooting location for Primeval, this time in Coal Harbour. We can see Andrew-lee Potts, one of the stars from the British original series, relaxing with the cast and crew as they film an investigation of a Vancouver software developer who has probably been eaten by a Velociraptor. And you thought QA had it rough. You can see the rest of the photos here.


Ralph Maccio Shoots Telefilm in Abbotsford

Last week, my old stomping grounds in Abbotsford turned from BC in Juneuary to Sunny Miami with the help of some fake palm trees and high-powered studio lights. “Christmas in Miami” will star the Karate Kid’s Ralph Maccio as a Dance instructor whose studio has fallen on hard times. The National Martial Arts training center served as the studio (which is a little disappointing when you think about it). Other businesses like Anne Marie’s Cafe and Mac and Mango were also used during the shoot.

Source: Abbotsford Times

UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium Suffers Dinosaur Infestation on Primeval

YVRshoots has taken some photos of the Canadian version of Primeval on location at Thunderbird Stadium at UBC. Check out the rest of the images here.

#PrimevalNewWorld Creature Terrorizing UBC Thunderbird Arena This Week | yvrshoots.

Richmond Night Market Cosplay Fashion Show

Anime Revolution is hosting a Cosplay Fashion Show at the World-famous Richmond Night Market on June 29, 2012. The organizers are looking to find 20 models to promote the convention and everyone’s favorite art form. Entries can be sent by email to, and the deadline is June the 17th.


Visit Future Vancouver in Continuum Concept Art

io9 has posted this gorgeous concept art of Vancouver in 2077 from the new series Continuum. This “New” Downtown Vancouver is located where Stanley Park is right now. I guess in this future, the condo bubble just kept on going.


Pulse Lets You Play as a Blind Person

Team Pixel Pi, a group formed from the Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program, have come up with Pulse, a game that guides you through a world entirely experienced through sound. You play the part of Eva, a girl who has been struck blind, as she searched for her lost brother in a strange forest. She uses creatures called Mokos that make noise and “light” her way through the game world. Although the game is sight-based, everything you see is defined by the way sound bounces off of it. The game is free and can be downloaded from the Team Pixel Pi website.

Video game lets players immerse themselves in world of the blind – The Globe and Mail.

The Secret Circle Fans Send 300LBS of coins to ABC Family

In their latest appeal to save The Secret Circle, fans of the show delivered 300 lbs of plastic gold coins to the studios of ABC family. They also dropped off an appeal letter to president of the network, Michael Riley. I’m not sure how much good this is going to do to get the show back, but you have to admire The Secret Circle fans for their gusto.


Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop is Closed For the Season

Friend of the Blog Ivy Fong sent in some super charming photos of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop from Once Upon A Time, which is currently shut down until production begins again in July.

Costumes from The Secret Circle found at Studio Liquidation Sale


YVRshoots caught sight of some of the outfits from The Secret Circle being sold at the North Shore Studio’s Liquidation sale last week. I wonder how many of these outfits made it to eBay?

Source: yvrshoots