The Secret Circle Searches for a New Network

Even though the CW was pretty final in its cancellation of The Secret Circle, the show’s fans and producers hope to find the show a new home on a different network. ABC family has been named as a prime candidate, as well as Arrested Development‘s saviour Netflix. However, fans have started a Make-a-Wish to Save-a-Witch campaign to raise $20,000 for the Make-a-wish foundation and to gain the attention of MTV, where they believe the show would fit in perfectly with Teen Wolf. At least Make-a-Wish is a better idea than taking out an ad in Variety.


  • Renew My T.v Shows!

    This amazing outstanding show needs a second season!

  • Joe Ping

    Yo MTV, Pick Up the Secret Circle!!!

  • Guest

    20 000 would be great, but that was never our goal. We thought that if every person who signed the gopetition donated $1, we’d have that much or even more, but not all of fan have credit cards…

  • Imaan

    This show has so much potential, we need a season two!

  • Savesecretcircle


  • Ca

    This show needs a second chance. It would do great on mtv or Abc family.oo Somebody just pick it up!!!