Sakuracon 2012 Commercial Contest Entries

The entries for the Sakuracon 2012 Commercial Contest have just been posted on Youtube! Head over to the this link to check out all of the entrants. Best of luck to everyone! It’s going to be tough to top Girugamesh!

Sakuracon Commercial Contest

Vancouver Film School Students Create Their First Facebook game

With the success of games like Farmville and The Sims Social, it’s only natural that the students at the Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program would want to take a crack at Facebook gaming glory. The game is called Zombie-Kiri, where you play a hoverboard-riding Ninja looking to rescue your friends from a zombie apocalypse while they perform an annoying dance for you. Look, just play the game, okay?


Canadian Film and TV Shooting at Record High

According to the Hollywood Reporter, film and television production in Canada was at a record high in 2011 for a total of $5.49 billion across the country. BC’s production volume was up by 20% to 1.7 billion, but it was edged out by Ontario, where production values surpassed the 2 billion mark. Vancouver still holds the crown for foreign service location productions. Over 73% of all foreign-based productions shot in Canada were filmed in BC.


Source: Hollywood Reporter