B.C. movie theatres Now Free to Booze Up

BC Movies Theatres like the Rio (pictured above) can now apply for liquor licenses so that they can sell beer and other spirits. This comes as a welcome change since BC is known for its archaic liquor laws. It’s all good and fine that the government wants to limit children and minors’ access to alcohol, but we too often forget that adults need places relax in ways that only adults can.

Source: CBC News

Supernatural May See 8th season

Supernatural may yet get a stay of execution on news that showrunner Sera Gamble may be leaving and former producer Jeremy Carver will be returning to the show. Carver had left Supernatural last year to produce Being Human for Syfy. This latest spate of activity in top management indicates that the CW is willing to spend more resources to keep one of it’s strongest ratings performers on the air.


Source: TV Fanatic

Reboot Communications Refactors Vancouver Game Conventions

Reboot Communications has been hosting events  Vancouver International Games Summit  and Game Developer’s Conference since 2007, but this year, they have cancelled plans to hold more events in Vancouver. In two weeks they will be organizing the Canadian Video Game awards at Fan Expo Vancouver. Apparently they were offering free admission to unemployed game developers to boost their attendance numbers.

I can’t believe that events like this are having trouble when even small events like the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo was breaking fire codes. Pro Conventions are great, but when you have that kind of energy coming from the fan community, is there no way you can harness that?