Tweet #WhereYouBelong to save Fringe

The producers of Fringe have gone to twitter in a last ditch attempt to save their favourite show from cancellation. The hashtag¬†#WhereYouBelong was seen during last week’s episode, causing fans to tweet and speculate about its meaning. Fox has decided to show new hashtags for each of the 7 new episodes left in Fringe’s run, but will it be enough to save the show?

The First ever Fringe Fan Event is taking place in Vancouver on August 10-12, and pre-reg passes have already sold out! The show may have enough juice for a 5th season yet.


Source: Reviews on the Run

Bungie Says Goodbye To Halo With Epic Infographic

As of March 31st, the duties of developing, supporting, and maintaining the Halo series finally changed from Bungie to 343 Studios. As a grand send-off for the franchise, Bungie put together this infographic detailing the 235,182 years players have spent battling in the Halo Universe. Click away to enlarge.


April Fool’s Internet Round-Up

Ah, Spring. The buds are blooming, the birds are singing and the internet musters its comic might for the information prankfest that is April Fool’s. Alan Bailward over at has found a collection of April Fool’s pranks on Reddit and Tumblr. Here’s a collection of our favorites.


Thinkgeek always puts on the best show for April Fool’s, but you’ve got to wonder if it isn’t just a test-bed for their concept gag gift products. Yeah, you’re not likely to get donuts from a Keurig coffee maker, but a techno-mage hoodie is likely to be a standard accessory for any woodlands LARP session.


This makes me feel bad that Kodak’s going broke.


I was wondering when they were going to come out with the new Rock Band.


Introducing Mojang’s new game with completely original game with a name that no one’s going to sue over! Now, how’s Notch going to settle for the name this time? I know! Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Speedrun Competition!