New Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Trailer

Square Enix has released a new Gameplay trailer for United Front Games’ open world Hong Kong action game, Sleeping Dogs. The video shows off some of the more harrowing aspects of the game’s driving sections, which feature street racing and high speed gun battles.

Source: Reviews on the Run

Fan’s Speculate Christopher Judge’s role in The Dark Knight Rises

In a recent appearance on the David Boze Radio show, Christopher Judge speaks about his role in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie. We still don’t know what character he’ll be playing, but we do know that he’ll be involved in a fight scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who we know will be playing the role of Police Officer John Blake. In the show, Judge also has some sad news about a third Stargate film. While there was one in the development pipe, it’ll likely never see the light of day due to MGM’s financial troubles.

Source: Cosmic Book News

Oni Press Takes Over As Publisher of ‘Penny Arcade’ Print Books

Penny Arcade announced at the Emerald City Comicon that it would be switching over to Oni Press from Dark Horse for their 8th print volume, “Magical Kids in Danger”. From the Press Release:

“This was a no-brainer for us,” said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. “The guys at Penny Arcade are driven by the same rebellious desire to create that led to our starting Oni Press. We emerged from the same zeitgeist. The first Oni Press comic was published at the end of 1997, and Penny Arcade hit the web in 1998. We aren’t just peers, we come from the same graduating class.”

The new volume will be released August 29, 2012 for $14.99.

Source: ComicsAlliance