Comic Con in Dubai

I realize this story is a little out of the way for Raingeek, but it was so fascinating I just had to share it. Dubai has just held its first film and comic convention last weekend, with guests such as John Rhys-Davies from Indiana Jones and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead. Of there was lots of cosplay, and even a zombie walk. What makes this so incredible is that this is happening in Dubai of all places! This is the same country that’ll lock you up if you so much as step on a joint of marijuana. Even a country like this can loosen up and let a lonely stormtrooper have some fun. It’s stories like this that remind me that these conventions are ultimately a force for good in this world.

Source:The National.

Family Guy Online Interview with Ian Verchere, co-founder of Roadhouse Interactive

The Family Guy Free-to-play Online game is being developed by Roadhouse Interactive in Vancouver. Gamezebo has posted an interview with the company co-founder, Ian Verchere. He talks about his experiences with the game industry and how Family Guy’s “MMLOL” gameplay will work.

Family Guy Online is the first “MMLOL,” and I think, in order to deliver major laugh out loud experiences, the action format definitely made the most sense. And it gives us the opportunity to deliver the notion that this is going to be a funny game. You have the characters in the show standing around and telling you to go and do silly stuff.

If you’ve got a game that sends you to get a wolf’s skin that you can trade for a fire rune or whatever, that’s fun. But if you have a game like Family Guy Online that sends you on a quest to find something…naughty so you can do something naughtier with it, that’s kind of fun, too. It helps the game feel like the show.

Source: Gamezebo

‘Axe Cop’ Animated Series Coming to Fox

Television is about to get awesome. We all know Axe Cop as the web comic that was drawn by a 29-year-old and written by his 5-year-old brother. Variety reports that the Fox network has ordered 6 15-minute episodes of Axe Cop to be shown in their Animation Domination block along with The Simpsons and Family Guy for the 2013-14 TV season. Unfortunately, the series will probably be written by adults, and in keeping with TV’s more conservative mores, will be shown on an adult schedule. Let’s all hope that they can keep the series inimitable insane logic intact! At the very least they should be able to bring that badass narrator back.