Continuum Trailer Reveals Vancouver of 2077

Showcase has released a new trailer for its new series Continuum. The show features Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, a government agent who follows a group of terrorists from the year 2077 back to 2012. This shot of future Vancouver will probably only be seen in the pilot, but hopefully there will be more opportunity for futuristic whiz-bangery in our fair city as the series progresses.

Source: Twitter.

Set Photos from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Hollywood North On Location has taken some very exclusive photos from the set of the Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario return as Percy and Annabeth. Annabeth now looks like, well, Annabeth, so more points in favour of the new movie! Douglas Smith may look a little too pretty in these pictures to be playing Tyson, the seven-year-old cyclops, but a little CGI and acting magic will take care of that.


Source: Hollywood North On Location.

Bloody Jedi Witnesses!

Isn’t it always like this? There you are, soaring through the galaxy, minding your own business, when a couple of yutzes with robes and pamphlets barge their way through your turbolift talking about someone named Skywalker. Vancouver Sketch group Caution: May Contain Nuts has given us this brilliant depiction of religious strife in the far future. Have you found the Force in your life?

Space Trek- Jedi Witnesses – YouTube.