PAX PRIME 2012 info released on PAX Forums

A Wild FAQ appears for PAX Prime 2012! User SmallLady has posted some information confirming the gaming mega-conventions dates at August 31st, September 1st and 2nd 2012. Also of note, badges will NOT be printed with attendees names on them, which will lead to speculation on how the convention organizers plan to combat the problem of counterfeit badges. Over 5,000 badges were faked for PAX last year, leading to some situations that looked like something out of Soylent Green. The badges will be going on sale at the end of April.

Source: Penny Arcade Forums

Two Endings For ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Have been Filmed

Fringe’s John Noble revealed some tidbits about the upcoming Fringe Season 4 Finale. Since the show’s current fate is in flux, the producers decided to shoot two endings, one that leaves the series open to a new season, and another that wraps Fringe for good. Both endings will deal with Olivia’s supposed predestined death.
the episode airs April 20 on Fox.


Apple CEO Tim Cook pays a visit to Valve’s headquarters

According to Apple Insider, Apple CEO Time Cook was recently seen visiting Valve’s headquarters. While Valve is developing apps for the Mac and iOS platforms, this visit might be the sign of something more, considering the murmurings about Valve’s own Hardware dreams. What joint venture could they be considering? Or could Valve be taken over by Apple’s $600 Billion Largesse?

Apple CEO Tim Cook spotted at video game designer Valve’s headquarters.