Republique: The most unique iOS game ever made

In September 2011, Ryan Payton from 343 Industries left his job to start a company called Camoflaj. This iOS game called Republique was the result. The game starts off with a video call from Hope, a girl who has been imprisoned and watched by a mysterious nation state all her life. With the interface on your phone, you must guide her using security cameras and hacking computers, as well as using doors, traps and other devices against her pursuers. Payton and company have to raise $500,000 to get the game going, and a $10 donation will get you the game once it’s finished. Don’t miss out on a truly unique gameplay experience and donate today!

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Sh*t Navi Says

Vancouver Sketch troupe MegaSteakMan has given us a rare look into the lives of Link and Navi as they adjust to apartment life in the Lower Mainland. Who knew North Burnaby had such a big Skulltula problem?

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Halo 4 Gets November 6th Launch Date

At long last, 343 Industries has revealed November 6th as the date for the next installment of the Halo Series. We know that the new trilogy takes place 4 years after Halo 3 and little else. The only other details given were that Master Chief would “confront his destiny” and “save the universe.” Again? The release date also takes place on election day, the political implications of which we can only begin to speculate.

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