Vancouver and Seattle rank #16 and #13 in World Startup Rankings

An Entrepreneurial thinktank called Startup Compass has ranked the 25 top startup cities in the world by over 22 factors measuring throughput, company success, mentorship, and market size. It was no surprise that Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland) ranked #1 in almost every category. They do about 46% more mentorship than their nearest competitor. What really rustled my jimmies was who was beating us? Seriously? London’s in the top three? I was sure that they had Seattle and Vancouver beat in the Rain and sadness department, but not in startups. And Toronto is #4? My God, do our startups just sit around listening to goth music waiting for Microsoft to buy them out or something? This points to something severely lacking in our culture right now. Whether it’s lack of incentive, lack of confidence, or lack of initiative, the cities of Cascadia have to band together so we can climb that chart!


        1. Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland)
        2. New York City
        3. London
        4. Toronto
        5. Tel Aviv
        6. Los Angeles
        7. Singapore
        8. Sao Paulo
        9. Bangalore
        10. Moscow
        11. Paris
        12. Santiago
        13. Seattle
        14. Madrid
        15. Chicago
        16. Vancouver
        17. Berlin
        18. Boston
        19. Austin
        20. Mumbai
        21. Sydney
        22. Melbourne
        23. Warsaw
        24. Washington D.C.
        25. Montreal


Source:Startup Genome.