VCON 37 Welcomes Academie Duello, Caustic Soda, and FrankenStuffies

V-Con has recently updated their programming schedule!

Academie Duello: Vancouver’s premier sword fighting school has returned for more demonstrations of the up close and personal deadly arts. The rapier, longsword, sidesword, grappling, knife, pole weapons, and more will all be on display and deftly handled by the skilled touch of their students.

Caustic Soda: Toren Atkinson, Kevin Leeson and Joe Fulgham will be on hand for a live recording of the Caustic Soda podcast! Every episode, the trio takes horrible topics like Ebola and Shark attacks and turns it an “easily-digestible bubbling paste of funny.”

FrankenStuffies Workshop: Who knows what felted horrors may emerge? The Frankenstuffies workshop takes apart unrelated stuffed animals and stitches them back together…for science! Build a bear indeed…muahahaha…

V-Con 37 will be held on September 27-30 at the Sheraton Hotel in Guildford.