Xbox 360 now more Media Machine than Game Console

Statistics have confirmed what we’ve all suspected: Over 50% of the 84 hours a month people spend on Xbox live is spent using media apps like Netflix and Hulu. It seems that Microsoft has succeeded in its “Trojan Horse” strategy of turning the Xbox into a digital hub for every medium in the house. Xbox already has Netflix, Hulu,¬†YouTube, ESPN,, and Disney XD on the console. The addition of HBO Go was another plus for the Xbox, since you could previously only get the service on Roku Box. Coupled with the fact that video stores are going out of business everywhere, consumers are now being forced to RTFM and jury-rig their video game boxes into the Media hub they were meant to be.

Source: Gamasutra

X-Files Reunion Coming April 22nd

The Fox Network is hosting an X-files Re-union for its 25th Anniversary Special on April 22nd. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Chris Carter will be on hand along with reunions from Married: With Children, Ally McBeal, and Beverly Hills 90210. With all these shows getting a retrospective, I just know somebody’s going to be pissed at the lack of a Brisco County Jr. or Space: Above and Beyond reunion.

Source:TDW Geeks

MechWarrior Tactics is Free-To-Play and Developed in Burnaby

Good News: A new turn-based Mechwarrior game is coming out. Better News: It’s free to play. OMGWTFBBQ!: It’s developed right in my own backyard! Vancouver Developers Roadhouse Interactive and Acronym games have teamed up to create this browser-based gem through the Infinity engine. Does this mean we could play it through iOS? God, I hope there’s support for asynchronous play! Words with Friends is great, but I’d rather defeat my friends with missiles instead of words like “Jugular”.

Source: Reviews on the Run