Portal Gun Replica Toy Makes the Noises


NECA has released a new video about their upcoming Portal Gun prop replica. This 1:1 scale copy of everyone’s favourite video game weapon is equipped with lights and sounds from the original Valve title. Pre-orders for the gun have already sold out, but you can bet they’ll be making more of these. These toys will be available, not for the combined organs and income of *insert hometown name here*, but the low, low price of $139.

Source:\TDW Geeks.

New Jerseys from Dave’s Geeky Hockey

Dave Delisle at Dave’s Geeky Hockey has come up with some new Jerseys for your favourite non-existent hockey teams! You can chase the golden snitch with your favourite wizarding house, take to the ice as one of the dukes, or do a barrel roll with team Star Fox! The Jerseys are $90 each, and you can pre-order them here.



Source:Dave’s Geeky Hockey.

No Demo For Prototype 2

Radical Entertainment has confirmed over twitter that Prototype 2 will not be getting a demo over PSN or XBLA:

@john1451 No demo – the game is just too big to share 1 tiny chunk. April 24th is just around the corner though, have you pre-ordered?

So no love for those who want to try before they buy. But really, if you know what Prototype 2 is and you’re excited about it – Does this really affect your probability of buying it?

Source: Just Push Start