Mass Effect 3 Released Today

Bad news, folks. The Reapers have decided that Vancouver and Seattle are simply too pretty to exist and have sent mighty space fleets over impossible distances turn it all into a parking lot. Fortunately, Commander Shepard is just the man or woman to stop them. Mass Effect 3 features Kinect capabilities and an interesting look at the Pacific Northwest of the Future. Pick it up at your local game store today.


Source: Youtube

Microsoft to End Xbox Live Arcade in the Future

It turns out that after all the kerfuffle over the placement of Indie games on XBLA, Microsoft may be getting ready to ditch XBLA entirely. Microsoft’s digital distribution strategy has been so focused that the line between XBLA games and traditional disc retail games is becoming blurred. Michael Wolf, the Global Marketing Manager for XBLA had this to say on whether XBLA would disappear,

“Personally, I’d say absolutely, yes,” Wolf says. “I think digital distribution has to be like that. I don’t think XBLA will be leaving soon. It is an incredible platform. We have XBLA fans, I don’t think it’s going to be announced anytime soon. One thing Microsoft has proven is that we continue to try and adapt and innovate in experiences.”

If we take into account this revelation with how XBLA indie games have been handled, Microsoft either wants to make it easier for indie developers to release retail quality games, or they want to abandon indie games entirely and make xbox a more AAA focused console. If it’s the latter, then it’s just going to leave more market room for Valve’s rumoured Steam console to take hold.

Source: WebProNews

The Stars of the Hunger Games at University Village on March 10th

As if the fan frenzy wasn’t enough, the Hunger Games Movie is having a mall tour across America, and it’s going to be in Seattle this Saturday! Stars of the movie Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson will be present for a Q & A session at the University Mall on March 10th. So Katniss, Gale, and Peeta are all going to be in the same mall food court this weekend. I hope the mall’s equipped with riot gear.