A Real-life Battlestar Galactica Viper Built in the Bay Area

These 5 highschool students have started a Kickstarter project to build a full scale Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Simulator. So far hey’ve taken the cockpit of a Piper airplane and strapped it to a gyroscopic steel frame. They plan to add  LCD screens, and electronic controls to make the full complete experience. Honestly, there would be a lot more arcades today if there were more people like these kids working on them.




Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Trailer Hits the Internet


If this is all the spaceships we get on television…then I approve! This trailer has strapped me back into the BSG band wagon and shot me out a launch tube! There has been some concern that the whole movie is shot on green screen, and I say, good job! I couldn’t tell what was composited and what wasn’t. Play this one real quick folks, because NBC Universal has been hitting these videos with DMCA take-down notices like nobody’s business.

Bill Adama: The Early, Slightly Less Drunk and Depressed Years – Topless Robot.

Beast Wars Megatron for Transformer of the year- YES…


David Willis, creator the webcomic, Shortpacked!, has gotten rather involved in the campaign for the 2012 inductee into Hasbro’s Transformers hall of fame. His candidate is none other than Megatron from one of Vancouver’s entries into the Transformers saga: Beast Wars! I gotta say, I’m with him on this one. Frank Welker’s Megatron was the epitome of cruelty, but you could just feel the scheming bubbling through David Kaye’s performance. His Megatron was in it for the long con, willing to toy with his enemies just to see their faces once they were well and truly screwed. He was also laid back enough to let his Tyrannosaurus form have roller skates from time to time. Whatever the outcome, I hope he keeps selling these shirts. The campaign ends today, so get  voting!


Source: Shortpacked!