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Felicia Day Will Guest Star On Supernatural

Cinemablend reports that Felicia Day will be appearing on Supernatural later this April. Day plays an computer hacker who inadvertently finds herself working for Dick Roman, Leader of the Leviathans, this season’s most prolific arch-villains. The episode is called “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”, which I hope doesn’t mean Felicia Day has to shave her eyebrows or something.


Katee Sachkoff in Riddick 3


The first photos of the new Chronicles of Riddick have surfaced on Vin Diesel’s Facebook page, including this one of Katee Sackhoff as “Dahl”, one of the Bounty Hunters after Riddick. Apparently, this was taken at 5:45am after a night of shooting, stunts, and wire-fu. I don’t think any of us could look half as good as this after an all-nighter like that!