Penny Arcade Official Lego Set

At Lego Cuusoo, someone has deemed it necessary to create a Penny Arcade Lego Set. As you can see, the proposed set comes with Tycho, Gabe, and Div, the drunken obsolete piece of technology. There also plans at the site for the infamous “Fruit Friend” robot who, among other things, enjoys touching people’s hair at night. If the project gets enough votes, soon you can get Gabe and Tycho, to uh, play video games on a tiny couch near you very soon.

Source: Lego Cuusoo

The Xbox Live Indie Abounds with Innovation


So after all the whinging and gnashing of teeth over the positioning of the Indie channel on Xbox live, this is what we can expect when searching for the most popular indie games on xbox today. Seriously? Mining games only? This is my reward for drilling down three levels of menus? Look, I get that XBLIG can fall prey to trends, just like any gaming ecosystem. Before these mining games we had a litany of FPS’s with Quake, a glut of RTS’s with Command and Conquer, and a torrent of Platformers with Mario. But wasn’t Minecraft and its attendant mods enough? We can only hope that Minecraft releases mod and multiplayer capability for its Xbox release and puts a stop to all this.


David Hayter to Host Canadian video Game awards

Metal Gear Solid voice actor and X-men screenwriter David Hayter is scheduled to host the Canadian video game awards taking place Fan Expo Vancouver on April 21st and 22nd. With the voice of Solid Snake on board, maybe we’ll see more sketches like this one at the awards show. Perhaps the SW:TOR Jedi Knight will start back-sassing? At least it won’t be Billy Crystal trying to do a Sammy Davis Jr. impression.

Source: Reviews on the Run.