Nathan Fillion Plays Hermes in Percy Jackson Sequel


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nathan Fillion is set to play the Greek God Hermes in the sequel to the 2010 Percy Jackson movie. I for one consider this a point in the film’s favour. Not only does the film franchise have 100% more Fillion in it, Hermes also happens to be the father of one of the book series’ main villains. That means that they might actually introduce Kronos like they were supposed to in the first movie. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters is now filming in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Man Sues James Cameron over Avatar for $100 million

It must have been a slow news day if this made it to the front page of the Vancouver Sun. Vancouver restauranteur Emil Malak claims that James Cameron ripped off his script, called Terra Incognita to create his Billion-dollar blockbuster Avatar after Malak sent the script to Cameron in 2002.

It seems like one of these stories comes out every time there’s a major cultural blockbuster. It happened with the Matrix and it’s happened with Harry Potter. Usually we never hear about these cases being won, and we never hear about the plaintiffs going on to create anything culturally significant. No matter how this case ends up, can we all agree that real creators don’t engage in this kind of crap? If you’re really concerned with entertaining the world with your stories, you don’t want to deal with lawyers and court cases that could go on for decades, you want to get back to your laptop and make more stories.

Source: Vancouver Sun.

Zombie First Responder Course In Oregon

The Seattle PI blog has posted a gallery of the Zombie First Responder course that took place last weekend in Sandy, Oregon. Over 2 days, students learned the finer points of bow hunting, camouflage, and outdoor survival skills just in case civilization starts to die yet keeps on walking. Courses in zombie disposal were, of course, completely tongue and cheek, but if you’re going to spend time camping out in the cold spring rains, why not put a little twist on it? The course was hosted by an eco-education company called Tracker’s Earth. With all the media attention it’s getting, it probably won’t be the last Zombie hunt in the woods.