Star Trek’s John De Lancie to guest star in “The Secret Circle”

John De Lancie aka Q from Star Trek:TNG is set to appear in CW’s The Secret Circle in April. The Secret Circle is about a girl named Cassie Blake who discovers she is descended from a long line of witches. She and her friends use her powers to defend the town of Chase Harbor, Washington from all manner of eldritch nasties. John De Lancie plays the grandfather of  one of Cassie’s friends Jake Armstrong. He will be revealing certain things about events 16 years ago that may have led to the death of Jake’s parents. The episode airs on April 19, 2012.

Source: Subspace Communique

More Stargate talent on Primeval

More details have been announced about the cast and crew of Primeval: New World. Stargate’s Amanda Tapping and Andy Mikita have now been attached to the project. Mikita has been a long-time producer for Stargate and Amanda Tapping played Dr. Samantha Carter on Stargate:SG-1 and has been director of the Vancouver-based series Sanctuary.

Also notable is the addition of Niall Matter, who has guest starred in Stargate: Atlantis, but is most remembered for his role as Zane Donovan in Eureka. The final season of that series will air in April.


Cowbunga! Easy Fondant

If you’ve been seeing these Ninja turtle cake pops on the net and you were wondering what it would be like to get a little a taste of Cowabunga, wonder no more! My friend Ivy Fong has posted a super easy recipe for cake fondant. The finished product has the consistency of play-dough and is a hundred times as tasty, so why stop at Ninja Turtles? Why not Splinter, Shredder, or the TechnoDrome? With some marshmallow fluff, powdered sugar, vanilla, and food coloring, these powers of creation could be yours!


Source:Eating with Ivy.