Slant Six outs first original IP, Strata Scavenger | Joystiq

Fresh off the release of Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, Slant Six has announced it’s next project with an original IP, Strata Scavenger. The title was made possible through the government’s Canadian Media Fund, which has contributed $1 million to the project.

Not much to tell about the game thus far except this single promo image. I guess it means competition over Vancouver’s rapidly dwindling Residential space has gone from bad to post apocalyptic. By-laws are enforced by lasers instead of $200 fines. Council meetings have devolved into heavily armed shoot-outs. As the strata council member at large, you alone are responsible for maintaining law, order, and Mrs. Bloomington’s pet cat mittens while she takes a shopping trip to the states. Good luck, Strata Scavenger.