Seattle PI Liveblogs The Hunger Games Q & A

Tim Hall, a blogger over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, was on hand at the Hunger Games event at the University Mall in Seattle. Here’s his synopsis of the goings on.

  • The event planners and security let the rest of the kids on the outside get into the gated area. Awesome move by them. Those kids were so excited. I know because my ears hurt.
  • Talked to a woman who’s been in line since 9:00PM. Not 9:00AM. And yes, a grown woman. These Hunger Games fans are taking fandom to new heights.
  • When Jennifer, Josh, and Liam came walking out the Microsoft Store it got really loud. It felt like a Seahawks game.
  • I saw multiple kids crying, shaking, and crying some more. I wonder if I met Ken Griffey Jr. when I was 14 if I would’ve reacted like this.
  • Liam Hemsworth kept looking to my side of the stage causing the girl behind me to scream incredibly loud, regardless of how close she was to my ears.
  • The Q&A went well. The cast members answered questions from the crowd. I recorded the Q&A but all that came out was AHHHAAAAAAA and WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEEEEEEEEE! I think every cast member was asked to prom.
  • There was more crying and more screaming. These kids were losing it more and more every minute.
  • The cast members waved goodbye just like that it was over.

It sounds like the live event organizers once again underestimated the popularity of a young adult novel, and poor Tim had to go home with a tape recorder full of nothing but screaming. It still sounds like the fans had fun, and the opening night of the film will be nothing short of a gong show.